Can I Rent Two Apartments at Once in Dubai?

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Ever wondered if it’s possible to juggle two apartments in Dubai? Whether it’s for balancing work and leisure or for hosting family, the idea does sound intriguing. Let’s dive into the nitty-gritty of renting two apartments simultaneously in Dubai, focusing on legal, financial, and practical aspects.

Can I Rent Two Apartments at Once in Dubai? Is It Legal?

Yes, it is perfectly legal to rent two apartments at once in Dubai. This flexibility caters to diverse needs such as work-life balance, hosting family, or simply seeking more space. However, legality comes with conditions:

  • You must have a valid UAE residency visa to lease any property in Dubai.
  • Each apartment lease requires registration and adherence to Dubai’s rental regulations.
  • All tenants must possess and present an Emirates ID for contractual and utility purposes.

Ensuring compliance with these legalities allows you to rent multiple apartments without any legal repercussions.

Legal Aspects of Renting Two Apartments

  • Residency Requirements: To lease any property in Dubai, one must hold a valid UAE residency visa. Tourist, visit, or transit visas do not qualify. An Emirates ID card, linked to the residency visa, is mandatory for renting.
  • Rental Contracts: Each apartment requires a separate, fixed-term contract, usually for one year, governed by RERA rental property laws. Violations can lead to legal proceedings.
  • Fees and Registrations: Renting two apartments necessitates signing two contracts, registering both with RERA, and paying respective registration fees, security deposits, agency fees, and tourism fees if applicable.

Financial Considerations

  • Rental Costs: Dubai’s high living costs mean renting two one-bedroom apartments could average AED 110,400 annually. Costs vary by location, with online platforms providing comparative insights.
  • Payment Methods: Rent is typically paid via post-dated cheques, with the number of cheques influencing the rental price. Monthly payments, though less common, offer flexibility but are not widely accepted.

Practical Concerns

  • Cultural Compliance: Respect for Dubai’s conservative culture is essential. This includes dressing modestly, adhering to Islamic rules during Ramadan, and avoiding public disturbances.
  • Usage Restrictions: Properties must not be used for commercial, illegal, immoral, or sensitive activities, with potential legal repercussions.
  • Maintenance and Security: Both properties require regular upkeep, prompt reporting of damages, and security measures to prevent theft or damage.

Renting as a Cosigner

Helping a friend or family member by cosigning? It’s possible but remember, it’s a big financial responsibility.

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Steps to Take Before Signing a Second Lease

  • Evaluate Your Finances: Can you afford two rents? Make sure before jumping in.
  • Complete the Paperwork: Gather all necessary documents to ensure a smooth application process.
  • Inform the Landlord: Transparency with your landlords about your living situation can prevent future complications.


While renting two apartments in Dubai is doable, it demands thorough consideration of legalities, finances, and practicalities. Weighing the pros and cons is crucial for making an informed decision.


Can I have 2 Ejaris?Yes, as long as each lease is properly registered.
Is flat sharing legal in Dubai?Yes, but it must comply with specific regulations and landlord approval.
Is subleasing legal in Dubai?Subleasing requires explicit permission from the landlord and adherence to Dubai’s rental laws.
Who pays for Ejari?Typically, the tenant is responsible for the Ejari fee.
Can Ejari be done for 3 months?Ejari is generally for annual leases, short-term rentals may have different arrangements.
What documents are needed for Ejari in Dubai?Valid Emirates ID, visa, tenancy contract, and landlord’s property ownership documents.


Renting two apartments in Dubai is feasible but comes with its set of challenges and responsibilities. It’s crucial to assess the legalities, financial implications, and practical aspects carefully. Alternative solutions like opting for a larger apartment, renting a villa, or exploring short-term rentals might offer a more viable and stress-free living arrangement in Dubai.

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