About Us

Manzil is a sanctuary for travelers seeking effortless comfort and a touch of luxury in their journeys. Rooted in the rich meaning of its Arabic name, “home,” Manzil is dedicated to blending seamless hospitality with a genuine appreciation for each guest’s time. We bridge the gap between the excitement of exploring a new city and the joy of a refreshing, fulfilling return home.

Simplified Stays
Manzil transforms travel with stress-free, luxurious accommodations designed for discerning guests. Our spaces are equipped with all you need to relax and recharge, offering a consistent, quality experience across the board.

Personalized Adventures
Our team of Trip Designers crafts unique experiences tailored to your wishes. From dining and transport to exclusive city activities, we handle the details, making every stay memorable and effortless.

Designed for Comfort

  • Amenities That Matter: Fast WiFi, premium coffee and tea, fully-equipped kitchens, and quality linens ensure a comfortable stay.
  • Local Living, Upgraded: Experience the best of both worlds – hotel luxury and the comfort of upscale residential living.
  • Home, Anywhere: We make every destination feel like home, ensuring a comfortable and authentic experience.
  • Immediate Relaxation: Enter a Manzil property and instantly feel at ease, surrounded by familiar comforts in a refreshing setting.

Our Promise

  • Clear Communication: With Manzil, what you see is what you get. We set clear expectations to avoid surprises.
  • Positive Experiences: We approach every service with optimism and confidence.
  • Staying Current: Manzil keeps you connected with the latest and greatest the city has to offer.
  • Transparency: We’re open about what we can do and always strive to meet your needs honestly.
  • Understanding: We recognize the uniqueness of each guest and address concerns with care and attention.

You’re Our Priority
At Manzil, your comfort and satisfaction are at the heart of everything we do, ensuring a stay that feels like a true home away from home.