Is Airbnb Profitable in Dubai?

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Dubai is one of the most lucrative Airbnb cities in the world, offering investors an opportunity to earn high returns by renting out their properties to travelers.

Are you considering an investment in Airbnb in Dubai? The city’s allure for tourists and its dynamic real estate market might have caught your eye. Here’s what you need to know.

Is Airbnb Profitable in Dubai?

Yes, Airbnb is profitable in Dubai. With an average monthly earning of AED 7,400 ($2,012) at a 70% occupancy rate, property owners find Airbnb a lucrative option.

According to a survey by CIA Landlords, landlords in Dubai near the Burj Khalifa can earn up to AED 4,200 each night, making Dubai the most profitable Airbnb city in the entire world. The survey also found that investors in prime areas typically earn their money back in just 4 months.

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How Much Does the Average Airbnb Earn in Dubai?

On average, an Airbnb host in Dubai can earn around AED 7,400 ($2,012) per month, assuming a property is rented out for about 21 nights a month.

Factors on Which the Airbnb Profits Depend

  • Location (e.g., Dubai Marina, Downtown Dubai, Palm Jumeirah)
  • Property Quality (maintenance, amenities)
  • Market Conditions (seasonality, global events)
  • Regulations and Operating Costs

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Top 5 Most Profitable Airbnb Locations in Dubai

LocationAverage Annual RevenueOccupancy Rate
Palm Jumeirah$27,19226%
Dubai Marina$34,49457%
Business Bay$30,52151%
Jumeirah Lake Towers$28,16164%
Downtown Dubai$34,76644%

What makes Dubai an attractive destination for Airbnb Business?

1. High demand:

Dubai is a global hub for tourism and business, attracting millions of visitors every year. According to Dubai Tourism and Commerce Marketing (DTCM), Dubai welcomed 16.73 million international overnight visitors in 2023, a 5.1 percent increase from 2022. The city also hosted several mega-events, such as Expo 2020 and the UAE’s Golden Jubilee, boosting its appeal and popularity.

2. Diverse market:

Dubai offers a diverse range of properties and areas to suit different preferences and budgets. Whether it is a luxury villa on Palm Jumeirah, a waterfront apartment in Dubai Marina, or a cozy studio in Jumeirah Village Circle, investors can find the property type and location that matches their target market and goals. Moreover, Dubai caters to various segments of travelers, such as leisure, business, family, and adventure, ensuring a steady stream of potential guests.

3. Supportive regulations:

Dubai has a supportive and transparent regulatory framework for the short-term rental market, ensuring the protection and satisfaction of both landlords and guests. The DTCM regulates and licenses the holiday home sector, setting standards and guidelines for quality, safety, and service. The DTCM also provides incentives and benefits to holiday home operators, such as exemption from the 10 percent municipality fee and access to the Dubai Tourism portal.

Challenges of Investing in Airbnb

However, investing in the Airbnb business in Dubai also comes with some challenges and risks, such as:

1. Competition:

Dubai’s short-term rental market is highly competitive, with thousands of listings available on various platforms. To stand out from the crowd, investors need to offer unique and attractive properties, competitive prices, and excellent customer service. They also need to market their properties effectively, using various channels and strategies to reach and engage their target audience.

2. Fluctuation:

Dubai’s short-term rental market is subject to seasonal and cyclical fluctuations, depending on factors such as weather, events, and travel restrictions. This means that the occupancy rates and rental income can vary significantly throughout the year, affecting the profitability and cash flow of the business. Investors need to plan ahead and manage their finances accordingly, as well as diversify their revenue sources and optimize their pricing strategies.

3. Management:

Dubai’s short-term rental market requires a lot of time and effort to manage and maintain the properties, as well as to provide the guests with a memorable and hassle-free stay. Investors need to handle various tasks, such as cleaning, maintenance, check-in, check-out, communication, and reviews. They also need to comply with the regulations and requirements of the DTCM and other authorities, such as obtaining licenses, paying fees, and submitting reports.

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To overcome these challenges and risks, investors can rely on professional property management companies, such as Manzil, to handle all the aspects of their Airbnb business, from marketing and booking to cleaning and maintenance, ensuring a seamless and satisfying experience for them and their guests. With Manzil, investors can enjoy the highest ROI in the market, along with complete transparency and peace of mind.


Is Airbnb in Dubai a good investment?

Yes, especially in prime locations like Dubai Marina, where landlords can earn significant returns.

Can I start Airbnb in Dubai?

Yes, by registering your property with the Dubai Department of Economy and Tourism and obtaining the necessary permits.

Is Dubai the most profitable city in the world for Airbnb landlords?

Yes, particularly for properties near Burj Khalifa, where landlords can break even in just four months.

What is the occupancy rate of Airbnb in Dubai?

The average occupancy rate is around 70%.

Which area is best for Airbnb in Dubai?

Prime locations like Dubai Marina, Downtown Dubai, and Palm Jumeirah offer excellent opportunities for Airbnb rentals.


Airbnb business in Dubai is profitable, but also challenging. Investors need to consider the demand, market, regulations, competition, fluctuation, and management of the short-term rental sector, and seek professional help from Manzil, Dubai’s best 360 property management company.

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